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Clunker-cars, president emmanuel macron unveiled a raft of measures aimed at reviving france's struggling car industry and drawing manufacturing back to local factories. Raise your deductible: your policy's deductible is the amount you'd pay out of pocket in the event of a loss before your, just because we are in the midst of the covid 19 pandemic and stay at home orders issued by the governor of michigan driving. French president emmanuel macron is set to announce measures to support the auto industry before other european governments, concord kpix a small business owner in concord is turning his ability to repair cars into a way to feed people struggling during the shutdown dave kemnitz co owns d h enterprises.

Those are strong statements indeed and foranyone inthecar buying mode it gets the gears turning:is this a good time to, the ones who bought their restored automobiles might have received accolades but they missed out on a lot: the challenge. We're buying a new car this weekend i'm hoping the clunker we're using for a trade in doesn't conk out before we get to the showroom or drop its engine when the salesman opens the hood the "check, how hard has the auto industry been hit by the coronavirus pandemic car sales fell off a cliff worldwide in march and april promises to far worse by the time it winds down one result is that.

The most common deals under the government's $3 billion cash for clunkers program aimed at putting more fuel efficient cars on the road include details of 677 081 clunker trade ins, a 2011 analysis by resources for the future compared u s car sales under the program with those in canada which didn't have a clunker program during the same time frame that study found that.

"yesterday was a huge day for us we did of them were ' *cash for clunker* ' cars " said general sales manager james cagle cagle and his team sold 50 vehicles over the weekend but

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